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Alison Nuttall and Jennifer Austin are a mother and daughter team of highly skilled physiotherapists with many years of experience in treating various musculoskeletal disorders, ranging from everyday sprains and strains to complex whole-body issues.
Our hands-on approach to physiotherapy aims to restore normal movement and function, facilitating a smooth return to pain-free activities, improved fitness, and the achievement of personal goals. Each patient receives a personalised treatment plan, which may include hands-on treatment when appropriate, exercise prescription, and advice.

Physiotherapy Treatments

We focus on restoring your body’s mobility and function, promoting faster recovery and preventing future issues.

Back & Neck Pain

Our experts can diagnose and treat back and neck pain, enabling you to lead a pain-free life through appropriate care, strategies, and exercises.

Sports Injuries

We understand the unique demands of sports-related injuries and offer tailored recovery plans, education, and resources to prevent recurrences.

Neurological Physiotherapy

We specialise in treating movement and functional disorders originating from the central nervous system.

Women’s Health

Receive specialised assessment and examination for your specific condition.

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